Studio Lay-Out Plan

Presently, four studios are available with provision for two additional rooms in the future.

Galley sized kitchen with Fridge, Microwave, Jug, & small sit down space.

Separately Controlled:
Air Conditioners for Fresh Unshared Air

Each Private Studio has its own Personally controlled Air Conditioner, select your individual temperature. This is unlike an overall controlled air conditioner with one control.

“Some like it hot, others like it cool”.

Fresh Air Option, "Unique"

In addition to Air Conditioners, each Studio has an innovative, personally controlled “Fresh Air Fan” to bring in and (Circulate Outside Air).

UNLIKE a DUCTED system which shares common air with all Studios.

Not a great innovation in these troubled times.

The options prevent cross ventilation for your personal health, security, and safety.

Natural Sunlight

Skylights introduce a subtle amount of natural sunlight into each room. Each office is fitted with solar tubes that filter and stream precious sunlight into each individual office.

“Burning less fossil fuel and providing your daily dose of vitamin D”.

Privacy & Security

Private, interment, code lockable, studios ensure security.
Leave the office knowing your contents remain secure.
Solid timber doors provide better sound attenuation.
Extra wide door openings provide easy access to all.

All You Need In An Office

Each studio comes with:

Breakout Area

Everyone loves our large informal “Break-out Area”.
Excellent for informal discussions, and meetings.
Meet and welcome your client or have an open meeting.
Seating and tables are provided throughout the room.
Breakout space can provide mixed coworking areas with dedicated desks.
Large wall to ceiling glass panels offer tree lined views providing shaded sunlight.

Other Facilities

Private, Boutique, Rental Studios in Nambour for Allied Health, Corporate, Small Business Enterprises